Where do I find the details of fly billing?

I put $25 credit into fly account. I saw that my balance is now $19.50. I wonder how can I see where did I spent my balance?

I checked the invoice. it all says $0 charged

Hi there!

You can go here to verify https://fly.io/dashboard/personal/billing your invoices.

I can verify your latest invoice was $5.15 but it shows $0 because it applied your credit balance.

I see thanks @lubien . Is there a way to see , on what thing did I spend the credit on?
don’t get me wrong, I am okay with paying.

I just want to make an estimation. When I release the app. which part of the service will consume the $$ the most.

Yes, on that same link I’ve sent you you should be able to see the previous invoices on the right.

Ah okay. So it’s inside the the pdf. Got it

I wonder if it’s possible the to know which app consume the most resource?

Unfortunately, as of now, our billing aggregates that so it’s not possible yet. We want to improve on this, it’s just not on our roadmap yet.

Note that in general, the biggest expense of most apps is the size and number of the VM(s) you are using to run it. So the apps that use VMs with more resources (CPU/RAM) are the ones that will cost the most.

You can view the VM sizes for each of your apps in the Fly dashboard. It doesn’t show the cost of each VM (you can get this from our Pricing page), so it’s not a perfect answer! But it’ll give you a general idea about which apps cost the most.

If all of your apps are using the same size VM and you’re using one VM per app, then each of your apps most likely cost about the same.