Where this usage bill came from?

I used the Hobby Plan, and I was forced to pay for something that I don’t know where the data came from. This is robbery, haha

I just signed up last September 8th, using their Free Plan for a learning project.

And I was surprised when I saw that my Billied was 19376179 GB/s × VM: Additional RAM (at $0.00000193 / month) to $37.40

I don’t know where that data came from, how did it get to $37.40? I looked at the Memory Utilization in Fly Metrics, 3 Apps with maximum usage of 385MiB, 387MiB, and 408MiB to total 3.18GiB. How is that possible? I feel robbed, because I don’t use Apps that heavy.

The free stuff only covers 3 machines with 1 cpu and 256 mb ram. If you go over that, you get charged. That being said, you should reach out to fly’s billing email for help with this.

Apps aren’t billed on usage, but allocation. I’m guessing you might have allocated several VM’s of 1GB/2GB? I have 7 VM’s of 1GB and 768MB and my bill < $30, so I really have no idea how this is possible.

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