what is the Hobby Plan pricing? The fly.io email links to a page without the actual pricing

I got an email:

"Hi there,

Thank you for using Fly.io! From our records, it looks like all of your free trial credits have been used. When you signed up for new account, your first organization received a free trial credit of $5 to try out our service.

Moving forward, your next invoice (we bill at the end of each month) will be for our Hobby plan. For more information on our plans, please visit our plans page:


If you’d like to stop billing for your subscription, you can delete your apps from your organization’s Settings page.


Your Friends at Fly.io"

I went to the plans page Plan Pricing · Fly but it does not say what the Hobby Plan costs

Can you please give me a link to it ?
Also please fix your email template .

Kind Regards


This email was an error during the billing system migration. They sent out a follow-up email stating they are working on fixing the problems caused during migration.

Thanks @charsleysa
Can you please add a link to what the Hobby Pricing Structure, as I requested ? I obviously want to know the new cost structures I am under with fly.io.

The Hobby plan isn’t available any more, it’s a legacy plan.

If you want more information contact billing@fly.io

Hi, if you’ve never paid a fixed monthly cost it’s almost certain you’re on a Legacy Hobby plan. In that case, we sent this email to you by mistake.

Your dashboard UI might show you as on a different plan at the moment - that’s a UI bug that we’re working to rectify ASAP.

We should’ve sent you an email with the subject “Sorry for the incorrect emails about a trial!” yesterday (or early today depending on where you are in the world!) If you didn’t get that email, please let us know. We’ll also send you an email to let you know when the issue is resolved.

Addressing your immediate concern, the Legacy Hobby plan has no inherent monthly cost, and includes free allowances, same as when you signed up. You’ll only pay for usage over and above the free allowances, and that is priced according to our pricing page.

But the headline is: no change, this was a rogue email.

Hi, I changed plan for next month because of this mail and don’t want to change. It there a form to cancel this?

Hi @leviatas, could you email billing@fly.io about this?

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