What is included in $10/month plan?

Today, fly.io sent me an email:

Hello! You are receiving this email because you deployed an application that is not allowed in our free tier. Our free tier is intended only for web applications. Proxy servers, TOR exit nodes, and BitTorrent apps are not allowed.
These kinds of applications are allowed on our paid plans. If you want to keep using this application on Fly.io, we will automatically upgrade you to our $10/month “Advanced” plan. If you would prefer not to upgrade, you have 24 hours to delete your application before you are charged.

I found $10/month plan is not described in docs. I’m wondering what is included in it?


nice question

i personally didn’t receive this email but curious about their pricing options

(something higher than $0/mo but lower than $99/mo)

The $10/month plan was created to help people who want to run image types that aren’t allowed on free plans-- it doesn’t include any extra usage over the free Hobby tier.

Currently, we don’t have any paid plans under $99/month, but the $99/month plan does include $99 of usage, in addition to email support, longer timeouts, and increased build resources.

You can read more about our paid plans here: