Clarifications on Advanced plan

Hello! I’ve just joined the platform and started trying out different ideas. The first one was deploying my proxy server to Fly and testing connection speeds. However, right after deployment I’ve received this in my mail:

Hello! You are receiving this email because you deployed an application (* that is not allowed in our free tier. Our free tier is intended only for web applications. Proxy servers, TOR exit nodes, and BitTorrent apps are not allowed.

Although I got it, there’s no single mention of Advanced tier in Pricing or documentation, so it is kinda sketchy to me. I would love to ask a few questions:

  1. How does Fly recognize “not allowed” apps? Does it check for matching image in the blacklist registry or just blocks everything that’s not :80 or :443?
  2. What is actually included in the Advanced plan?
  3. Will I get charged the next time I want to deploy a blacklisted app or I will get notified first? For example, if I want to deploy a Minecraft server to another app that uses a :25565 (given you filter by ports), will I get the same email or just straight up charged for Advanced plan?

Sorry if I ask something obvious, but there is little to no info on the subject which is strange and pretty hazy for a newcomer.

Thanks in advance!