Confusion about billing: "SSD Storage"?


We moved our application over to roughly a month ago. As it is an app which is currently in a beta-phase where there are not many users, it can easily run within the free 3x ‘shared-cpu-1x’ which Fly provides. As such, we did not expect to have any costs for November.

However, just now we did receive a credit card receipt containing costs for what is described as “Volume: SSD Storage (per GB/hr)”.

What exactly is this? The pricing page does not seem to mention it. It does mention “persistent volumes”, but this seems to be something else. (And we have not added any persistent volumes to our Fly cluster).

The usage tab of the Fly web-interface (e.g. Sign In · Fly ) also does not mention this metric.

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~Marten / Qqwy

Hi @qqwy

AFAIK “Volume: SSD Storage (per GB/hr)” is billing for persistent volumes.

Did you possibly create a volume then delete it?

You can check for volumes still in use by using the fly volumes list --app <app name> command.

This is, indeed, the persistent volume line item. Are you running Postgres? When you create a postgres cluster it creates two persistent volumes.

Thank you both for your help :slight_smile:

$ flyctl volumes list
No Volumes Defined for oberx

I see! That probably explains the price then. Indeed, when running flyctl volumes list --app name-of-my-database two volumes can be seen.

I think that the discoverability of this information might be improved. Maybe the list of persistent volumes (including their monthly price) could be added to the ‘usage’ page?

And as the app was made initially by following the elixir getting started guide to the letter, I was a bit surprised to see that the resulting cluster would go over the capabilities available in the free plan. It might be worthwhile to mention this in the guide, or at least make it very clear on the ‘pricing’ page that the ‘free tier’ does not include a managed postgres database.

What do you think? :blush: