VM size changes?

Until recently, the VM sizes table on the pricing page in the docs listed 256MB, 512MB and 1GB for shared CPU vms.

However, the page seems to be changed in the last few days. It no longer shows the 512MB option. And looking at fly scale vm --help it also lists “For shared VMs, this can be 256MB or a a[sic] multiple of 1024MB”.

We’re currently running some 512MB images. 256 is too small to run our app stably, but 1GB is unnecessarily large. We would rather run multiple 512MB machines (in the future across multiple regions) than fewer 1GB machines.

Are 512MB machines going away?

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Kurt, co-founder at Fly, has said they want to be able to do even more smaller server configurations. I think the only hold up is that they have other pressing features to implement.

If costs are a concern, you should give Fly Machines a spin, which can be spun up on-demand: Is there a way to replicate this setup in Fly? - #2 by kurt

Also, they have ideas around idling VMs (to reduce the cost burden), but as before, it is going to be a while before they launch those features.

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512mb is fine! They aren’t going away.

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