how to increase the VM RAM?

I didn’t find any document on scaling the RAM using the new VMs!

Looks like we haven’t released that in flyctl yet. We’ll get an update out shortly.

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It’s actually in flyctl, just not in the help. You can run flyctl scale vm shared-cpu-1x memory=1024 to specify memory size for now.

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Error 1024mb is less than the base memory 256mb of shared-cpu-1x.

memory=2048 works fine tho!

@mo.rajbi that’ll be fixed in a few minutes

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@mo.rajbi fixed, sorry about that!

It worked, thanks!

For future reference, the memory sizes for shared are 256MB, 1024MB, 2048MB

And in the next release of fly/flyctl, there’s a small change in the command so you will have to specify --memory=1024 (we turned it into a flag for spf13/cobra-y reasons)

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