Various commands fail with "Error: You must be authenticated to view this"

[Have also mailed paid support; community thread in case there are faster solutions.]

Created a couple new organizations (to segment staging/prod etc) and tried to move an app. Got “Error: You must be authenticated to view this.”

Weird, I am logged in, but OK. Did fly auth login and got a 500 from the website. Tried again and it worked; but commands are still failing.

Interestingly fly doctor also triggers the error (complaining about personal wireguard network). fly wireguard reset personal fails.

$ fly wireguard reset personal
Error: You must be authenticated to view this.
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Hey there,

This is odd… I wonder if it has something to do with the network you are on/using? Your network could be blocking UDP. What happens if you run fly wireguard websockets enable followed by
fly agent restart, and then run fly doctor again. Since running fly wireguard reset didn’t seem to work.

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Hmm! Looks like the combo of those two commands unwedged things.

I wonder if it was the agent. Since nothing (to my knowledge) has changed about the network, I did a fly wireguard websockets disable & fly agent restart subsequently and things still work.

Will wait to hear back from support, at the very least (if it is the agent) the failure mode could be much better.

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Oh that’s good to know that nothing about the network changed! I’m glad those two commands helped fix the issue. Like you said, it might have just been the agent that was the culprit. If anything else arises, definitely give us a holler!

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