"Pinging WireGuard gateway" FAILED, can't SSH in


I’m trying to SSH in to my instance and I’m a bit of a newbie.
I saw some suggestions online to test my setup by using the flyctl doctor command.

In doing so, I’m failing the wireguard gateway connection.

Is this required, in order for me to SSH in or is this just a coincidental fault which I need not worry about?

My instance is up and running fine, I can access it via the web, I just need to learn how to SSH for my next project because I need to manipulate some files for the docker container.

For reference I’m also getting this fault for ‘fly ssh console --verbose’

Error ssh: can't build tunnel for personal: Post "https://api.fly.io/graphql": http2: server sent GOAWAY and closed the connection; LastStreamID=2147483647, ErrCode=NO_ERROR, debug=""

This may be entirely unrelated (again I’m new at this)
The long and the short of my question is, is the wireguard connection referenced from the doctor tool, required for SSH to work?

There are a couple of ways you can ssh into a fly instance. Firstly, there’s fly ssh – which it seems like you’re having trouble with, based on the error message you posted.

I’d definitely recommend creating a new wireguard connection (fly wireguard reset ; fly wireguard remove) and retrying fly ssh. If you’re still running into issues, then you might try just setting up a static wireguard connection and using your system’s ssh client over that connection (something like ssh user@app-name.internal or ssh user@app-6pn-ipv6-address)

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Thanks for the help, I ended up doing this and it worked. Also the agent needed restarting for an odd reason. (is it flakey? it’s need to be restarted more than once)

Otherwise it’s fine.

Also the agent needed restarting for an odd reason. (is it flakey? it’s need to be restarted more than once)

It’s hard to say-- its performance can depend on a lot of local factors. But if you’re having problems with the agent you can take a closer look by running fly agent stop; fly agent run to get it to print its logs to stdout.

If you capture this while it’s misbehaving, it should help pinpoint the problem better.

As a general troubleshooting step for local flyctl connectivity, you could try using websockets (fly wireguard websockets enable), for the case where UDP is misbehaving on its way to our edge from your agent.