Upstash: Can't connect to LHR, connects to IAD fine

Hi there!

I’m currently experiencing an issue with the new managed redis system. I created a database in LHR (my app is mainly hosted in LHR) However it connects to IAD fine, but does not connect to LHR at all, giving me an error in Laravel under: read error on connection to

What steps do I take to solve this issue?


I’ve heard reports that upstash (the redis provider) doesn’t support db 1 which laravel may use for some cases (not sure myself yet!). I’m not sure if this is happening for you, might be worth seeing! (might involve code diving the cache/session storage code).

Also: are you using octane? i’m interested to find out if there is a long lived Redis connection or not (normal Laravel should reconnect on each web request).

Would you be able to elaborate on the database 1 issue? Would I need to not use phpredis?

Also I apologize for not saying if I’m using octane, but I am not using octane, when I connect to IAD from LHR upstash there is no issues from what I can see, however LHR to LHR results in that error 100% of the time

Thanks! It looks like the instance is healthy from our checks.

The db1 issue is a bit like how in MySQL you can use some_database and then use some_other_database. I think perhaps Horizon uses db1, but I’m not sure completely. I think if that was the issue, we’d see a different error.

Have you been able to fly console ssh to test this out? You can fly ssh console --region FOO to have go to an instance in a specific region.

That command will land you in sh, If you want to use bash, just type the command bash to start a bash shell.

You can “apt-get install” whatever you need if you’re missing commands. I’d try to get telnet to see if you can connect to redis outside of Laravel. Then I’d try to use Tinker to open an Redis connection as well. This can help narrow down possible issues to see what can / cannot connect.

It might be worth duming laravel’s config() to see what values each app instance sees also (for redis connection details).

hi @Robert1 have a read below, you might get something from it? Tom