LiteFS WAL-mode

First off, super excited about this release and continued development on LiteFS—this focus on Sqlite tech is one of the main reasons why I switched over to

Quick question, we’re currently using EF Core with Sqlite that will enable WAL by default. I also noticed from the blog post that WAL-mode support may not be available with the current release. Does this mean we can’t currently use LiteFS?


Good question, @pheuter. Currently, LiteFS will return an error when you try to enable WAL mode so that may be a problem for EF Core to handle. However, WAL support is my next priority so I hope to have that working in the next few weeks.


No rush, we’re still early in development, still exciting to see it all coming together. Litestream already working like a charm, the only downsides being deployments causing ~30s-1m of downtime and relying on backhaul over wireguard for further away regions. Neither a dealbreaker, but LiteFS makes the experience first-class.

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Just want to add my desire to have WAL mode as well. Mostly since I’d love to use which enables it. I think, litefs, and pocketbase would be an incredible combination.


@pheuter @stiforr: If you build Litefs from main branch, it comes with WAL support. We have been using it internally with success, We still hit some issues from time to time but having more eyes and bug reports could help iron it out much faster :muscle: