LiteFS WAL-mode

First off, super excited about this release and continued development on LiteFS—this focus on Sqlite tech is one of the main reasons why I switched over to

Quick question, we’re currently using EF Core with Sqlite that will enable WAL by default. I also noticed from the blog post that WAL-mode support may not be available with the current release. Does this mean we can’t currently use LiteFS?


Good question, @pheuter. Currently, LiteFS will return an error when you try to enable WAL mode so that may be a problem for EF Core to handle. However, WAL support is my next priority so I hope to have that working in the next few weeks.


No rush, we’re still early in development, still exciting to see it all coming together. Litestream already working like a charm, the only downsides being deployments causing ~30s-1m of downtime and relying on backhaul over wireguard for further away regions. Neither a dealbreaker, but LiteFS makes the experience first-class.

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Just want to add my desire to have WAL mode as well. Mostly since I’d love to use which enables it. I think, litefs, and pocketbase would be an incredible combination.