Unknown error occurred with flyctl postgres create


I’m having trouble creating a postgres cluster in any region. I’ve tried multiple regions such as lax, sea etc but it has the same error

> LOG_LEVEL=debug flyctl postgres create
DEBUG Loaded flyctl config from/home/gp/.fly/config.yml
DEBUG Working Directory: /mnt/c/Users/gp
DEBUG App Config File:
? App name: postgres-gp
DEBUG --> POST https://api.fly.io/graphql {{"query":"{ organizations { nodes { id slug name type } } }","variables":null}
DEBUG <-- 200 https://api.fly.io/graphql (768.96ms)
Automatically selected personal organization: <removed>
DEBUG --> POST https://api.fly.io/graphql {{"query":"query { platform { requestRegion regions { name code gatewayAvailable } } }","variables":null}
DEBUG <-- 200 https://api.fly.io/graphql (682.34ms)
? Select region: sin (Singapore)
DEBUG --> POST https://api.fly.io/graphql {{"query":"query { platform { vmSizes { name cpuCores memoryGb memoryMb memoryIncrementsMb priceMonth priceSecond } } }","variables":null}
DEBUG <-- 200 https://api.fly.io/graphql (586.93ms)
? Select VM size: shared-cpu-1x - 256
? Volume size (GB): 10
Creating postgres cluster postgres-gp in organization personal
DEBUG --> POST https://api.fly.io/graphql {{"query":"mutation($input: CreatePostgresClusterInput!) { createPostgresCluster(input: $input) { app { name } username password } }","variables":{"input":{"organizationId":"G1B7JG6wPDBq0I8b8yRl4q9RlQUVg7","name":"postgres-gp","region":"sin","vmSize":"shared-cpu-1x","volumeSizeGb":10}}}
Launching...⣻ DEBUG <-- 500 https://api.fly.io/graphql (1.02s)
Error An unknown error occured.

Sorry about that! A fix for our backend is being deployed now, I’ll follow up once it’s out.

Thanks for the fast reply! I’ll try again when your fix is up

@geraldpng the fix is out now, sorry for the delay

Just tried it out and it works. Thanks!


This is happening to me right now, with the same logs as the original post.

@jclem Taking a look!

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@jclem Mind giving it another try?

It’s working now, thank you!