Unable to reach site: PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR

This keeps happening, maybe once every day or every couple of days, its inconsistent. Posted about this previously at Periodic loss of external access to the site, and thought it was fixed by sorting ipv6 connectivity, but that seemed to only help for a few days and now I get the same issue:

  • connecting to the site with a browser results in a hang and then PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR
  • according to the dashboard and flyctl, the site is up and nothing is wrong with it. I can even open a ssh connection to the host and curl it locally with no issue
  • the only way to get it to come up again is to restart the app

I set up a job to restart the app every day in the morning, but this is imperfect (its just happened now a few hours after the restart) and pretty haggard. Anyone got any ideas?

I’m pretty sure this isn’t Fly.IO in the end. Made a number of changes to my site to block bots, to increase concurrency handling, and general patching (I’m using actix-web, a Rust web framework) and it seems more stable.

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