Periodic loss of external access to the site

Hiya! I have an app running on, and every now and then (twice in the last day but usually once every couple of days) I can’t reach it. The dashboard shows everything is fine, and fly status too:

> fly status -a grislygrotto
Update available 0.1.21 -> v0.1.23.
Run "fly.exe version upgrade" to upgrade.
  Name     = grislygrotto
  Owner    = personal
  Hostname =
  Image    = grislygrotto:deployment-01H15XGN834A5GWXA0KM2S221S
  Platform = machines

app     918577d1a49ee8  17      syd     started         2023-05-31T10:11:05Z

However when I browse to the site it just hangs and then eventually fails with (in Firefox) a PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR.

Notably, if I try and use fly open, I get:

> fly open -a grislygrotto
Update available 0.1.21 -> v0.1.23.
Run "fly.exe version upgrade" to upgrade.
Oops, something went wrong! Could you try that again?

So far, I’ve fixed this by restarting the app. But I would like to find the root cause.

fly open doesnt error when I run it from the app directory, where it can access fly.toml, so might just be a bug in that command (running with debug output doesnt show any errors). However when the page opens it still times out with connection reset errors.

Also I can still open a shell connection to the container without issues. If I install curl in there and curl localhost:3000 the site responds without issue, so it looks like some sort of networking problem

Should also note that the issue appears on both my custom domain and

It has failed again this morning. Setting up a task to reset the site every morning could be an idea, but seems a bit silly.

I have a suspicion this might be IPv6 related - my site was incorrectly bound just on Have changed that to [::]:3000 (which should capture both v4 and v6) and will see if that fixes it

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Yeah that seems to have fixed it. Good work everybody, real collaborative effort, woo!

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