Unable to destroy apps within any of my organizations

Hi I’m a new comer here, I think fly.io is fantastic.

I at the moment I seem to be facing a bit of an impass.

When I attempt to destroy an app I get an http 500 error:

Attempting to delete the app from the web interface:

Results in this generic sounding ‘500: Server Error’ message.

The result is the same for both the web interface and the cli application

user@host:~/projects/apps -v destroy --yes odoo2-evan-dev2
Error An unknown error occured

My issue maybe due to the fact that I repeatedly created and destroyed apps 50+ times trying to test some deployment tooling I’m working on. I fear that I may have tripped up some kind of abuse prevention mechanism.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Just found the error in sentry. We’ll get it fixed and follow up shortly.

@seclayer give it a try now

Hi Michael,

Super fast response on this.

Sadly I’m still experiencing the issue.

Thanks for looking into it!

Oops my mistake, it’s fixed for future deletions but your app was in a bad state. I just removed it for you. Sorry about that!

Thanks for your help @michael.

None of the apps on my orgs are being utilized at the moment so feel free to axe anything if needed.

I created a new app just to test if deletion were working:

user@host:~/project$ fly init 'my-cool-app' --nowrite --org 'personal'

Selected App Name: my-cool-app

user@host:~/project$ fly apps list
my-cool-app   personal pending
odoo-evan-dev evan-dev pending

When try and delete the app I’m met with the same result as before:

useer@host:~/project$ fly -v apps destroy --yes my-cool-app
Error An unknown error occured.

My apologies to keep bugging you about this but I’m really set on getting this working.


I am also experiencing this right now. My app was given a random name and trying to delete it to make a new with a proper name did not work. silent-pine-463 is the name of it

Hi all,

I’m sorry to say I’m facing the same issue with an app created a few hours ago.
It may be deleted, but I’m not able to. (500: Server error). autumn-forest-6865 is the name of the app.

UPDATE: while the app was in pending state, I was not able to delete it. After succesfully deploying an application, I could delete the app without any problem.


Sorry for the trouble! Another fix was just pushed out, let us know if you are still seeing issues.


I successfully deleted the app now! Great, and many thanks! :slight_smile: