Unable to create PostgreSQL cluster

Hey folks,

I’m having troubles creating a new PostgreSQL cluster in SYD.

❯ flyctl postgres create --name cooking-psql --region syd --vm-size shared-cpu-1x --volume-size 10
Automatically selected personal organization: Ben Anderson
Creating postgres cluster cooking-psql in organization personal
Launching...⣯ Error Can't create volume, application is already using 1 of 1 zones in syd

I’m not really sure what it means by 1 of 1 zones in syd means.


I’m looking! This means it can’t add a disk in a second “zone” for redundancy. Which is strange, because it should be able to.

Will you give it another try? There was a misconfiguration on some newer hardware preventing volume provisioning. It should be all cleared up now.

All fixed now :slight_smile: - thanks!

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