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Hello, i would you like to know what technologies were used to create the platform?

Did you use minio, ceph or in house?

Hi, @Hiekki4. We use a combination of in-house and open-source components.

Tigirs has a multi-tiered architecture, some of which is captured at Architecture | Tigris Object Storage Documentation. Apart from storage itself, there are several other layers such as metadata storage, request handling, caching, data distribution/replication, etc. We have developed this all in-house using open source software such as FoundationDB, and RocksDB among others. As for storage, it is a combination of in-house and cloud storage. But we do not use minio or ceph.

We plan on sharing more about the architecture in the coming weeks.

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And what makes this platform better than the others like Amazon S3, Cloudflare R2, Storj and others?

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Sorry for the delayed response. Some of the main differences are captured by the features listed in Overview | Tigris Object Storage Documentation Besides what is listed there, the other big reason it is better is that Tigris is natively integrated with Fly.io. Let me know if this answers your question.

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