Very easy migration of in-development Elixir/Phoenix app.

Hey Fly Folks.

I just wanted to say congratulations to all the folks who worked on this product. I migrated an already-containerised Elixir/Phoenix app from DigitalOcean’s app platform to Fly in about an hour.

Keep up the awesome work!


Well that’s amazing! It probably helps that you’d already done all the hard containerizing work. The next thing for us is to make it that easy for non-containerized Phoenix apps. :slight_smile:

Well true. I imagine that I’m not your typical customer in that I have considerable experience with container deployment.

We were pretty astonished when we first shipped flyctl and learned like 75% of devs we talked to weren’t even running Docker.

Yeah. I had the same experience when trying to promote Balena to my peers (I used to work there).