Feature request: alternatives to Tigris for integrated file hosting

Tigris seems like a great idea in theory, but for my current work they aren’t an option due to the blanket prohibition of adult content. While on my current work this is an issue in part because we do plan to permit some kinds of adult content, it is also a concern in the sense that adult content bans are often used to censor LGBT content even when it is not “adult”, and we wouldn’t want to take the risk of that happening on our service.

The inclusion of a forced arbitration clause in their Terms of Service is also concerning, given how predatory those clauses tend to be in practice (they do have a “send us snail mail to opt-out” clause, but the inclusion of forced arbitration at all is still sketchy).

I realize integrations like this take a lot of time and work to arrange and implement, but I just want to put it out there anyway that at some point in the future I would love to see an integration with a company that doesn’t blanket prohibit adult content and also that doesn’t use sketchy forced arbitration clauses in their Terms of Service.

You might be out of luck with fly.io then because their ToS bans certain types of adult content:

Customer represents and warrants that any Customer Data hosted by Fly.io as part of the Fly.io Services shall not (a) infringe, misappropriate or violate any Intellectual Property Rights, publicity/privacy rights, law or regulation; (b) be deceptive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or unlawful; …

Oh good catch. I guess maybe it’ll just be back to Gigalixir. We moved to Fly a few years ago mainly due to it being a better fit for how one of our projects handles creating/using custom domains, but that isn’t a concern on this current project.

Tigris was pretty explicit in e-mails that while their ToS says pornography, they interpret it as any content whatsoever that they deem to be “adult”. I would be interested to know if Fly’s interpretation of theirs is that broad, but even if it’s not, anything in the ballpark of “you are required to blanket ban any content that we decide counts as ‘adult’” by a company that has the ability to take down the site is probably too big a risk to take.

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