Is there any issue with the tigris today?

I find it’s very slow to upload data to my tigris bucket today, it worked well yesterday.

Added storage, tigris

Where are you uploading from? From machines or outside? And, in which region?

I only use the tigris bucket as our file storage right now, our app use AWS S3 SDKs to upload file from our ios app directly withou flyio app. I’m in singapore right now , when i test it on our app it looks slower than before.

In which region is your app deployed?

our app client set it to AWSRegionType region = AWSRegionUSEast1;

is there any way to get the region information of the bucket?

Hey Terry, I am Peter from Tigris, overall, I do not see generic unexpected slowness, but would love to investigate why is it slower for you.
I have a few questions:

  • Can you tell me the bucket name?
  • Were you in Singapore last time you tested? Can you tell me a time and location when it was slow and a time and location when it was fast?
  • How much slower is it?

It looks like working right now, thank you.

Lately we had some issues in the sin region and that traffic is now hitting nrt and syd, but they should be close enough so it’s not a drastic reduction in speed. This is why I asked about the time frames to see if it lines up with that.

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