Sync deployment of multiple apps

Is it possible to sync the deployment of multiple applications?

Good question! There’s nothing built-in for this. However, if you can get all your dependencies into a single build, you could configure a single app to run multiple processes.

Hi @joshua
Could you please help me?

It’s a new app. step by step:
fly regions set -a sxt-dev-web lhr syd ord --group worker
fly regions set -a sxt-dev-web lhr syd ord --group app
fly regions backup -a sxt-dev-web lhr syd ord

And on the following screenshot you can see an error: Error Invalid VM group Where’s my mistake?

Do you already have these process groups setup in fly.toml? You may need to deploy first to get the groups visible to our backend.

It works. But I got a few new problems

My app only in lhr and just 2 instanses (must be 3)

When I try to suspend my workers are still work

And after resume I see just app’s one instance

The suspend command is (apparently) not yet compatible with multiple processes. It will work better to scale the count for everything 0 than it will to suspend.

Thanks, @kurt !
I suspended all!
And I’m trying to start these processes
Unfortunately, I see the same result - only 5 instances

I need
3 app instances in lhr syd ord
3 worker instances in lhr syd ord

Ah I think this might be an issue with app, actually. The app is our default group and gets treated a little differently when you specify regions.

Can you try renaming that to web or something similar and see if it does what you expect?

Thank you very much! That works!

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Good to know. We can make that error.

After deploying, I cannot see my instance in lhr

Tried to change the count to 0 and restore them. only 4 instances

Can you try the deploy again?

Now stable only one worker or app instance is failed
3 workers

3 apps

Deployed successfully but see failed

Instances = 5 desired, 5 placed, 5 healthy, 0 unhealthy but it should be 6

Removed the app and deployed again. It works… Weird…