App with multiple processes that are stuck in one region?

I added a cron process to my fly.toml. I deployed it and now my app process is stuck on dfw instead of being deployed in iad.

  1. Added processes to fly.toml
  app = ""
  cron = "cron -f"
  1. Ran deploy
fly deploy --remote-only
  1. Ran fly status and saw app and cron transferred to dfw instead of remaining on iad liked before adding the processes block.

  2. Ran set

fly regions set iad --group cron

Now my cron process is on iad. Ran the same command but with fly regions set iad --group app and my app is still on dfw instead of iad.


fly regions list


Region Pool:
Backup Region:

I tried to scale all the processes to see if the app process would change.

Currently, app is 2 and cron is 1.


fly scale count app=3 cron=1

It scaled the app up, but it’s still in dfw.

I tried to remove processes from fly.toml and now I can’t deploy.

Description = Deployment is running pending automatic promotion.

Removing the processes from fly.toml and now it still thinks that there are processes running.

Error Your app has multiple process groups: app, cron. Please specify a process group to set the region.
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