Support provision of command-line flags (!?)

I’ve been unable to determine whether I can provide command-line flags to a container image app.

The app config doc is comprehensive but includes no reference to specifying flags to a container image

I want to effect the equivalent to server --foo=${FOO} --bar=${BAR} but without having to override an existing container image with CMD values.

You can use

cmd = "server"
# or
exec = ["server"]

edit: sorry exec is an array that overrides entrypoint + cmd

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Aha! Excellent. Thanks.

This works (I can use exec to specify ports to an image so I know that it’s working)

But, if I flyctl config display, the value of exec is not returned:

flyctl config display | jq .experimental
   "enable_consul": null,
   "private_network": true

This is a known issue that’ll be fixed early next week.

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