No image flag for flyctl machine run?

fly machine update supports the --image flag, but fly machine run does not. Is there a technical reason why --image is not supported for the latter?

It’s a positional argument, as it’s required (flyctl needs to know what image to run).
So you can use it like:

fly machine run <image>
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Oof, I was so focused on the flags that I completely missed it. :man_facepalming:

It’s not strictly required though, as I can run with --dockerfile and a working dir as positional argument instead (which is how I missed it in the first place). I guess that’s tricky to capture via the help though?

… I’m also uncertain what [command] is for, as there are no available sub commands:

fly machine run <image> [command] [flags]

Should I file an issue against flyctl?

This allows you to override Dockerfile’s CMD and start the machine with a custom command.
Help text can be improved, though.

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