Request: consistent support for --app flag across commands

I’ve been used to using the ‘–app’ for setting an app name based on the environment. That works with commands like deploy, and logs.

However it doesn’t seem supported for other random ones, like regions. I assume to see the regions an app can run in, would I have to instead use an environment variable? Seems a bit awkward.

I assume it’s because one or other approach is perhaps being deprecated, but can ‘–app’ be supported globally?

What version of flyctl is this? The --app and -a flag should work on anything that applies at the app level. What happens when you use it on flyctl regions list -a <name>?


Ah, but I’ve seen the issue then.

I ran:
flyctl --app [name] regions
Error: unknown flag: --app

But I need the ‘list’. And yep, with list in there, it does allow the --app :slight_smile:

Nice, ignore me. It’s late. It does work.

Oh that is kind of confusing. It might actually make sense to just ignore the app flag when it doesn’t apply. That’s up to @Codepope though.

On it, I’ve been looking to move to consistently outputting help at “super” commands with subregions and in the process ignoring flags, but it’s been down my mental todo list as people haven’t mentioned it. Now they have. :slight_smile: