Running commands within a live fly app

Is it possible to run a command using flyctl within my running app? Similar to how docker allows you to do: docker exec -it my_container echo "I'm inside the container!" .

I would like to be able to use my production app to run my database migrations as it already has
access to the production database. I have included a script in my docker image to do this but I’m unable to find a way to run it as a one off command.


Funny you should ask. It will be this week. We’re exposing certificate-based SSH on our instances.

You’ll need WireGuard set up (it’s easy and we think you should do it regardless) — we’re working on not needing that too; the end-goal is a seamless flyctl exec where, for your use case, you don’t even need to know SSH is happening under the hood. But that’s a few weeks out.

But in the immediacy yeah, you’ll just be able to SSH into any of your instances. I’ll follow up here in addition to the top-level post I’ll make about it.


Wow great!
I’ve already got WireGuard setup so I’ll just sit tight and wait for the new feature!

Just for the hell of it I’ll point out that technically you can already pop a shell on your instance; the test app I use, for instance, binds a golang (it was like the hello-world of the gliderlabs/ssh package) to a weirdo port.

But nobody should need to do stuff like this anymore after (hopefully) tomorrow.


Here you go:

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