Sudden networking issue from app to db

My Elixir/Phoenix app suddenly could not connect to the database anymore, this happened just minutes back,

  • (DBConnection.ConnectionError) tcp connect (top2.nearest.of.***.internal:5432): timeout

Connection from outside is still possible to the DB, DB is up and running, some networking issues atm at Fly?

Issue was suddenly fixed by itself, but this is spooking the hell out of me for production apps, also with the recent downtime, it, as with the previous one, happened suddenly, and restored it self, but I have to say my faith in the stability of fly took a bit of a beating.

Apart from all of this I really like the service, but the stability has been somewhat of an issue for some time.

And connection has dropped again. Anybody else experiencing this?

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Im having the same issue. This is a intermittent issue. The app is working normally, but suddenly the app cant connect to the postgres DB.

If you see random connection drops to Postgres, you should check the health of the Postgres DB. You can do this with:

fly machines list -a <pg-db-name>
fly checks list -a <pg-db-name>

It is unlikely that timeouts to a postgres DB are a platfor level issue. Not impossible, but not the first thing to look at.

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Iā€™m experiencing this too, any chance anyone knows what fixed it?

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