DB failing again


Our db just started failing again with the following error in logs

ERRO[0059] Error opening connection to database (postgresql://flypgadmin:PASSWORD_REMOVED@[<ADDRESS_REMOVED>]:5433/postgres?sslmode=disable): dial tcp [<ADDRESS_REMOVED>]:5433: connect: connection refused  source="postgres_exporter.go:1658"

Appears to be back now but intermittently very slow

That error means the built in metrics service couldn’t connect. Did you see anything in the logs around there? That can happen when connections to the database are exhausted, or it can happen when the DB process restarts.

Hi kurt,

Noticed a lot of errors in our elixir app and that error above was basically on repeat in the db server logs.

I’m actually going to migrate us off this weekend so it’s not a big concern but thanks for checking.

Ok! If you dig through the logs and get more information, please let us know.

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