Apps not connecting to databases

I have several apps each connected to a fly postgres database. After a reported incident on fly yesterday, all my apps are failing to connect to the database with a nx domain error. I haven’t deployed in a week, so its nothing on my end.

I cannot even ssh into any of my apps, I get this error:
Error: error connecting to SSH server: ssh: handshake failed: ssh: unable to authenticate, attempted methods [none publickey], no supported methods remain

I have quite a few customers relying on my app, its really disappointing to see yet another outage after a major one last week that had my customers complaining.

Honestly at this point I think I might have given fly dozens of chances but If I have to keep putting out fires like this I dont think its all worth it.

If anyone is having this same issue and have figured out a fix, please do share, I’m at the mercy of fly support right now with no response yet.

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I have a similar issue today - the old version runs fine but I can’t deploy a new one because -db.flycast:5432 is unreachable in newly provisioned instances (nx domain error).

edit: I’m able to ssh into my app instance though

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