DB Connection issues

Having issues with connecting to my database all of a sudden. Region in lax. Everything was fine then all of a sudden nothing can connect to it. I’ve had similar issues with my other apps in production. Do others experience this issue? Can we rely on fly for hosting a database? It seems like there are always connection issues that happen way too frequently for anything stable.

On the PG instance getting this:
Error opening connection to database (postgresql://flypgadmin:PASSWORD_REMOVED@[address]:5432/postgres?sslmode=disable): dial tcp [address]:5432: connect: connection refused source=“postgres_exporter.go:1658”

Hi @eliel!

Have you checked on your IPv6 settings for Ecto? They can be set in the Dockerfile using ENV.

@Mark1 I believe our project is setup for ipv6. We have been running this server for a few months now. It only happened all of a sudden after I made some UI changes to my phoenix app.

The postgres VM was alive, it just wouldn’t allow any connections. I have a postres client that I use to regularly check the database (Postico) and I couldn’t connect there either.

I had to scale down the postgres vm, update the postgres image and scale it back up. Very alarming, the error I was getting was this.

(postgresql://flypgadmin:PASSWORD_REMOVED@[address]:5432/postgres?sslmode=disable): dial tcp [address]:5432: connect: connection refused source=“postgres_exporter.go:1658”

This was captured from the logs in the Postgres VM btw

Ah, thanks for the context. Yes, it’s likely not suddenly a config issue.

@eliel I looked into it more. Sorry that I don’t have an answer, but just wanted to relay that it is being actively researched by the platform team.