Stuck in deploying

Can’t deploy a new version of an app I have set fly scale count app=3 --max-per-region=1 for.
Name: ‘there-nur’

How many regions do you have on the app? Canary deploys are the default and the canary won’t have a place to boot if you only have 3 regions. You can run fly vm stop <oldid> to free it up, and use fly deploy --strategy rolling for future deploys.

Thanks. I had to use app=3 because it would not accept scale count 3 in the latest version of flyctl.

That’s a regression that’s fixed in master, sorry about that. :slight_smile:

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What does canary deploys you mentioned defer in from old behaviour?

Oh it’s exactly like old behavior, the max-per-region restriction just makes the old behavior hang. We default to canary deploys (boot one new instance and make sure it works before stopping any old ones). We should default to rolling deploys when you have 3 regions, a count of 3, and max-per-region=1, but we don’t yet.

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