Stopped Machines RootFS billing with a Legacy Hobby Plan

I’m on the Legacy Hobby Plan and I have been trying without entering credit card details, but in the last month my app stopped working and new deploys fail with the following error

Error: We need your payment information to continue! Add a credit card or buy credit: ...

In the billings I see a “Stopped Machines RootFS $0.02” entry, which — I’m learning now — has been charged because an HTTP service check failed earlier this month and stopped the app.

Is the $0.02 “stopped machine” billing the reason why the deploys are now failing? So, if I understand correctly, an app using the free allowances is free only as long as all its service checks succeed, and from the first time an app is stopped the whole account is unusable unless I ender a credit card?

It looks like RootFS billing is triggered when maintains stopped machines. This looks like it is not included in the free allowances.

For us who have the legacy hobby plan this looks a bit ridiculous since we do not pay if the app runs under the free allowances but we do need to pay if the machine is stopped…

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