Smaller Volumes


I’m only really using volumes for region pinning in the app I’m currently setting up, is there a chance we can get say a 1 or 5 GB volume? 10 seems to be the minimum.


10GB is the minimum but we can put a credit on your account to cover the ones you’re using to get around our weird scheduling.

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Thanks, the org I’m using is sxt

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Ok you should get a nice $10/mo credit on your account each month.

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Hi @kurt

Is it still the case that volumes are the only way to pin an app into certain regions? Also is 10GB still the smallest volume size?


10GB is still the minimum, but we’d still like to change this!

There is a new way to pin to regions. To do it, you’ll want to ensure you have no backup regions set, and then use the new max-per-region argument on fly scale count like this:

fly regions set ams ord scl sea
fly regions backup ams ord scl sea
fly scale count 4 --max-per-region=1

Hi @joshua,

I tried this for my Redis app (sxt-production-redis) and my app lost all IPs. Could you please check it and tell me what’s wrong?

Are you referring to the internal IPv6 addresses?


the app isn’t available

Can you try fly ips allocate-v4?

Thank you!

Let me ask you one more question. My Redis instance will work in three regions (using 3 volumes) and my web app too (same regions). As I understand it, if I use one Redis_URL for my application, will choose the appropriate Redis by region, right?

Hi @joshua

Could you please take a look at the last question on the thread?

Sorry about the delay - I had a draft but didn’t hit enter!

You won’t automatically get routed to the appropriate region with internal DNS.

But there’s a regional DNS record to help! ams.sxt-production-redis.internal will give you the IPv6 addresses of instances in that region. There’s more documentation here for you: Private Networking


Looks like the ping cmd works! but I can’t connect to the host using the DNS. Could you tell what I need to change please?

Can you share your Redis application setup? At least the Dockerfile and fly.toml. DM is fine!


Nothing special - like this Redis - standalone Redis Server

Thank you very much @joshua !!!

I resolved it. Just removed bind :blush:
redis-server --requirepass $REDIS_PASSWORD –bind --dir /data/ --appendonly yes

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Perfect! This change, as you guessed, will by default accept IPv6 traffic. We’ll soon have some better Redis examples to follow.