Deploying redis image to multiple regions

Hi, I have followed the setup in Redis on Fly however I am struggling to figure a multi-region deployment.

What I have :::
Apps running in DFW and syd.
Postgres multi region running in dfw and syd.

What I want :::
My apps to connect to a nearest redis server in their region.

What I tried :::
I have deployed a redis image and volume to dfw without issue. It returns the URL “top1.nearest.of.xxxxxxxxx-redis.internal” which looks fine.

I created a volume in syd using “fly volumes create xxxxxxx_redis_server --size 1 --region syd”

I ran the command “fly regions add syd” in the folder where the redis toml file exists but got the error “App ‘xxxxxxxx-redis’ uses volumes to control regions. Add or remove volumes to change region placement.”

What am I doing wrong ? Thanks, Tom.

As long as there’s a volume in the region, the app will pick it up and deploy using that when you have a [mounts] section in fly.toml. So you don’t need to use fly regions in this case.

One thing to consider is that these Redis instances are independent and not replicated at all. Is this OK for your purposes?

Yes that’s fine, I need a redis cache for each app for queues and key storage, not a global redis or anything like that.

Ok, so I only need to create the volume like I already have ?

thanks, @jsierles that’s working now, I did forget to increase my VM count fly scale count 2 sorted that out for me and the VM attached to the spare volume as you said.