set A and AAAA records for domain also used in google workspace

I have a website running on Everything works fine on the url.

I also have a domain registered under, that’s used in my client’s google workspace. This means emails and other google functionalities depend on this domain host records settings.

I’ve tried to follow this instructions and added the domains and emited the certificates. I’ve also edited the Host Records on the enom domain settings, creating an A and AAA record, following the above tutorial. However, it still has other A records that point to google’s IP adresses and I believe are required for google services to work (,, and is complaining about this, when I run flyctl certs show <DOMAIN> I get:

A Record ( does not match app's IP (<v4_IP_ADRESS>)
Address resolution ( does not match app's IP (<v4_IP_ADRESS>/<v6_IP_ADRESS>)
Address resolution ( does not match app's IP (<v4_IP_ADRESS>/<v6_IP_ADRESS>)
Address resolution ( does not match app's IP (<v4_IP_ADRESS>/<v6_IP_ADRESS>)
Address resolution ( does not match app's IP (<v4_IP_ADRESS>/<v6_IP_ADRESS>)

This makes the website not accessible. I have tried before to delete the A records that point to google’s IP addresses, and that made it work. However, it caused problems in google email system - some emails were not being delivered.

I fail to understand why this is happening. Shouldn’t it be possible to have different A (or AAA) records pointing to different IP addresses? How can one have google workspace services working while at the same time have a custom website running on under the same domain?

I’ve seen here that doesn’t support enom (in theory), so I’m not sure if the problem lies here. I wonder if someone made it work? I would like to avoid domain ownership transfer, as it seems to be quite complicated with enom.

It might also be the case that I’m not fully understanding what google really needs for it’s services to work - In that case, some directions would be appreciated. I believe I’ve done everything correctly, according to this article: Connect your website to a domain registered through Google - Google Workspace Admin Help.

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