Don't force AAAA record

Would it be possible for us to only use A records for Apex domains?
We are trying to create the simplest process for our customers and adding one record would be better than adding two.

I usually to create my apps this way (I only need ipv6 and proxy ipv4 via cloudflare):

  1. flyctl create --org foo --name bar
  2. create youor config or save a default (flyctl config save)
  3. flyctl volumes -c myconfig.toml ..
  4. flyctl regions -c myconfig.toml ..
  5. flyctl ips allocate-v{4,6} -c myconfig.toml
  6. flyctl deploy -c myconfig.toml

You should be able to use an A record pointing directly at your app IP address, visible in fly ips list. The AAAA record is required for issuing certificates.

Yes sorry, I meant for issuing the certificate as well.
Is there no way to have a certificate on an apex domain, with only the A record?

These solutions involving cname dark-arts may help:

We use Ipv6 to ward off potential attacks due to recycled IPv4 addresses. More information here: How CDNs Generate Certificates · Fly.

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