Server 500 Error - Django Deployment

Hey All,

I just deployed my app, able to punch it through successfully after some debugging but it’s returning a 500 server error, not sure how to troubleshoot from here.

I would start by checking out your logs. You can view them in the dashboard or using the fly logs command. Once you go to the logs page on the dashboard or run that logs command you may have to reproduce a 500 error again to see the logs you care about.

thanks for the suggestion. I have however looked in the logs and nothing insight is there. It does not have any records a part from the last successful deployment.

Hey, I’m having the exact same problem.
Built with Django, the site works perfectly in development mode. I have deployed it successfully to fly and have made many version updates, each with sucessful deploys… But it still shows Server 500

Did you eventually find a solution?

I suspect the issue is not “migrating” your production database. Try running fly ssh console -C "python /code/ migrate" and see if that fixes it.

You might also need the --pty flag for createsuperuser etc. Superuser creation skipped due to not running in a TTY

Yeah I am also getting no logs at all around a 500 errors.

I can hit my admin page just fine, but trying to go to the “” path on my Django app just gives a 500, and there’s literally nothing in the logs since my deploy

All my migrations have been made and applied and I’ve got a superuser (can log in to admin)

did you ever find a solution. I deployed an app with photos and I get error 500 with I click to see the photos