500: Server Error - App Activity (/apps/app-name/activity)


I am testing and have a running app that uses Phoenix/Elixir. it’s a free-tie only, when visiting /apps/app-name/activity it throws a 500 Server Error.

As of now I don’t need it, I am just wondering how it can be fixed or if I did something wrong?


We had some bad records in our database from the outage yesterday, should be fixed now.

I’m running into this same issue. Not able to access activity logs and getting a 500. This is my first deploy and I’m running into many things but feels like I should be able to see that page. It’s being hard to know what’s wrong without being able to see activity logs and so on.

@Pol_Miro I just fixed some data in our db, is it better now? What other issues are you seeing?

It’s working now, thank you. Let’s see if I can get to get the app working fully soon.

The onboarding experience was rather tough and the error messages not very helpful. I had many commands spinning for long timeouts of 5 minutes or so. I was not sure if it was still doing something. Above all it was hard for me to tell if I was doing something wrong or there was just some service degradation on the service.

That’s definitely not a “normal” onboarding experience and I’m sorry this slowed you down. You were unlucky enough to deploy when several small issues started, not to mention a Docker Hub outage that intermittently broke pulls.

We’re happy to help get you back on track if you post some logs or error messages.

@Pol_Miro Hi! I am new to Fly.io and also found this issue. Whenever I go to the Activity page in my DB app I get 500 server error.

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This was a bug in the UI. It should be fixed in an hour or so!

@kurt can confirm it’s fixed for me. Thanks!

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