HTTP error upon trying to login to my

Hello all, I am very new this platform, and just practicing getting websites up and running.
Following William S Vincent Django for beginners and his newest edition has replaced heroku for deployment.

I am following everything to the tee and my simple web page works! (nice)
However, upon creating an super user account to login to Log in | Django site admin
i am getting this error

Upon googling to find out fixes i have done the following suggested from user ignoramous [" Barring any Fly-related proxy issues, 502 means the app (upstream) is non-responsive. And so, check if your app process is healthy, up, and running, if you haven’t already?"]

fly status -all -a cps-ch5-mb

then i checked the individual VM statuses, like so:
fly vm status 9080dd9f677787 -a cps-ch5-mb, and i get this

9 days ago there was a thread on this topic commented by Allison
[This isn’t supposed to happen, but unpredictable behavior like this is part of why we wanted to change our stack in the first place! This should be pretty easy to fix, though.]

so i followed what he said to do and got this following error

Now, i am lost and just go to the troubleshooting your deployment
i then do > fly services list -a cps-ch5-mb and get this


yeah, that is correct? nothing (LOL), and then look at the fly.toml file and i have this (yes, this is all of it)

I then look at git-hub repository of William S V ( djangoforbeginners/fly.toml at main · wsvincent/djangoforbeginners · GitHub)

and well his clearly different. Where did i go wrong? the webpage address works! (
but everything else clearly did not.
Cheers, to anyone who reads this and can help me out.

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