Self Hosting Supabase?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone is successfully self hosting supabase on Supabase’s self-hosting is via docker - Self-hosting with Docker | Supabase - so this seems like it would be relatively straightforward, but I’m new to supabase and fly so was just hoping someone has already done this, and I saw this old reddit thread — — that mentioned @kurt was working on this. Would love to learn how straightforward or not it is.

This is a new greenfield project that is currently remix + cloudflare + supabase cloud. It seems like remix + works well, so I’d love to hook that up to supabase in the same box, to presumably have no latency between remix and persistence layer.

I would also want to do some processing in python, either in this box or a different one, so a related question is what is the latency of two apps communicating over the fly private network?

Would love to generally learn more from anyone else also thinking about similar stacks!

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I do see via the blog post — Incoming! 6PN Private Networks · Fly — that private networked apps are all in the same region, which sounds excellent

hi @ptn, did you manage to host the supabase??