Self deployed Postgres data persistence issues, Introducing SupaFly - The easiest way to deploy Supabase on

Hey Fly Friends!

I’ve been heads down working on something called SupaFly for the past two weeks. SupaFly makes deploying Supabase to, as easy as one command. This was inspired by using Supabase for vector databases and wanting to self host a Supabase stack, all using 6PN and Apps v2!

The place that needs the most work is my Postgres deployment. I think it will be easiest if I use the Supabase/Postgres image and self deploy. I want to put my PG instances behind Supavisor.

I am also having issues persisting data between database redeploys. I tried for days to write a custom postgres conf pointing to /data, but I ran into issue after issue.

Super excited to continue to work on this, and my hope is that it will be a great introduction to for a lot of curios developers


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