deploy supabase

Is it possible to deploy here on

Yes, but I don’t believe anyone’s written a guide yet. @ptn was dabbling a few weeks ago: Self Hosting Supabase?

Hi @kurt, Supabase on Fly leveraging fly’s high availability postgres cluster would be amazing, but I am really curious how you would accomplish this?

The Supabase architecture leverages docker-compose which doesn’t support.

So one would need to rewrite this docker compose as a single docker file using a Procfile to run the various services on a single instance, or load the various services as separate processes, correct?

I think you’d be better off just splitting the Docker Compose up into individual Fly apps. Each of those entries can be expressed as a Fly app. I believe their Postgres image runs just fine!

The problem with our Postgres clusters is that they don’t include all the extensions supabase relies on.

agree that splitting up is the way to go.

regarding extensions, it just means running your own postresql.

Does fly use stolen: GitHub - fly-apps/postgres-ha: Postgres + Stolon for HA clusters as Fly apps.

someone already has it here: GitHub - rphlmr/supa-fly-stack: The Remix Stack for deploying to Fly with Supabase, authentication, testing, linting, formatting, etc.

FYI: I have a working tool to deploy Supabase to, it is work in progress, but it will get you really far.