Regions when using machines (v2)

I recently moved my apps to machines, noticing super slow response times. No changes have been made to the app itself so performance should generally be the same.

I used the clone function to create multiple instances, when I checked region list, the response was the closest region to me though I had not set this.

Question: Is region (active and backup) a feature of v1 only or we have to do the same for v2 apps?

Hi @churcho,

Yes, the region pool is only a v1 thing.

In a v2 app, If you set the app’s primary region within fly.toml, fly deploy and fly machine clone should create any new machines in that region.

Machines stay on the hardware they were created on, so at this time, “moving” a Machine means destroying it and starting another in the desired region.

Cool. So cloning makes copies on hardware in other regions, correct? So the region listed in fly status for the machines is where they are running and not anything that is returned in region list, right?

Yes, with the --region flag you can choose where the new Machine is created.

Yes, that’s right. The fact that you can run region list on a V2 app is a bug.

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