After v2 auto migrations, machines not assigned to app

Our app was automatically migrated last week. (aside: the instances was reset to 256MB machines when they were migrated causing constant reboots, but that’s not my question…)

After the migration, from what it looks like the machines it’s created aren’t recognised as being part of the app. I’m still getting my head around the v2 changes though, so quite possible I’m missing something.

App status shows the app name, but no machines listed, and the message "
Found machines that aren’t part of the Fly Apps Platform, run fly machines list to see them."

Doing ‘fly m list’ does indeed list 2 machines, but the ‘app platform’ and ‘process group’ aren’t set, just blank.

Since the machines don’t seem to be assigned to the app, both fly scale, fly regions are blank.

How can I assign these machines to the app the were part of before the auto migration?

What’s the app name? This sounds like a bug in the Apps v2 migration tool.


Thanks, will take a look. And what version of flyctl did you do the migration on?

Thanks for looking into it. We didn’t run the tool, Fly did the migration automatically.

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if it’s any help, the migration happened approx 2023-05-24T19:00

What timezone is that? I see it happened at 5 AM UTC. It looks like the migration went through fine, but a deploy about 13 hours later changed the metadata. Is it possible you did a manual deploy or had CI run with an out-of-date version of flyctl?

To fix the warning, you should run fly machine update --metadata fly_platform_version=v2 <machine id>. All it’s looking at is that metadata key.

Yeah, UTC.

Huh, interesting. Yes, the deploy would have been by CI. In that case, I’ll track that down and make sure it’s up to date.
Thank you for your help!

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