Any easier way to change regions of Machines in an app?

Used to be in V1 apps where you could deploy an app and set the region of the VMs via command lines:
flyctl regions set REGION [region]
flyctl regions backup REGION [region]

But now in V2 apps, not sure if I’m doing it right but it seems to be more tedious. Is there a way to do this in V2 without having to deploy in primary region → clone the standby machine into different region → destroy standby machine in primary region?

does this doc help? Scale the Number of Machines · Fly Docs

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Unfortunately, no. That doc for V2 apps does not have the similar straightforward steps as the one for V1 apps. So I guess the simplest way to change regions in V2 apps is to clone a standby machine into a different region and then destroy the old standby machine in primary region.

Usually I use:

fly scale count <number> --region <region>


fly scale count 2 --region iad

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