apps v2 wishlist

Recently migrated apps to v2 and had a few thoughts.

  1. Really like that you can place machines in a region and they will stay there and not move.
  2. Would be nice to be able to manually add / delete machines from the load balancer pool. Could use this to do database migrations, etc.
fly machines pool_add --select
fly machines pool_rm --select
  1. The deploys run fast. A bit too fast. There are 5 regions and the deploys happen in 40 seconds. Well, it would be super-nice, except my app takes about 40 seconds to come up and so there is some downtime. I’d like some time between the rolling or perhaps that it doesn’t start the next rolling until the current machine is both up and ready. Ensuring health checks passing would be handy.

  2. If a machine is in a region and there is an issue on the host, it would be nice if the vm and volume were migrated to another host in the region.

  3. FLY_CONSUL_URL available (and hopefully stable).


Health-checks were improved to check the vm’s in flyctl 501, so 3 works for the config file I have now.

Regarding adding/removing machines out of a pool, another use-case is that there is no way to stop a machine and have it remain stopped. I’ve had to destroy machines rather than stopping to get them out of the pool because the proxy just sends traffic right back there.

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  • FLY_6PN_ADDRESS in the environmental variables would be handy for bringing up nodes
  • There are some inconsistencies in behaviour.
    • “fly m clone” will create a volume. “fly m destroy” does not destroy the volume and it needs to be cleaned up manually. Maybe a “fly m eradicate”?
    • when an app with a dedicated ip address is deleted, the usage page still shows the ip address as part of the org.
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