Redis data migration from Heroku to

Hello! I have Ruby on Rails app already running on Heroku - with Postgres DB and Redis for Sidekiq jobs. I finished with migating postgres data, but have a problem with Redis.

So the question is how can I migrate Redis DB from Heroku to upstash redis, to have all sidekiq jobs in after migration?

I’m trying to use commands like SLAVEOF and REPLICAOF after connecting via radis-cli (which I installed on VM before), but got 'ERR Command is not available: ‘SLAVEOF’ and the same for REPLICAOF. Couldn’t find any helpful information about that.

If anyone could help that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance.

Hey @Bart
you can use GitHub - upstash/upstash-redis-dump: Backup & Restore your Redis server

let us know if you encounter any issues.

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Nice! Thank you @bi1 - it works perfectly.