Redis INFO does not return a version

Hi there!

I’m trying to use Rails’ “Sidekiq” gem with fly’s internal Redis URL, but when it boots, it checks the version of Redis, and because fly’s internal Redis returns simply host:fly from the INFO command, Sidekiq dies immediately.

How can we have Fly’s Redis actually return a version? That seems like a pretty important feature here.

Thank you!

Oh that’s interesting. The shared Redis service probably won’t work with Sidekiq at all (even if we expose Redis version). It’s really only meant for caching, and Sidekiq won’t be happy if random keys it needs disappear.

Your best bet is just to install a Redis instance and point your app to that over private networking. Sidekiq doesn’t need much RAM so it should work fine with a Redis on our shared-cpu-1x VMs.

Noted, thank you Kurt. I wasn’t aware that Sidekiq used internal keys (other than job IDs) so that makes sense!

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