Question about pricing model

I’m trying to model pricing for Fly Machines. I have seen the pricing table for Fly Machine compute here, but it’s not clear to me what the pricing is for machine creation and suspended machines.

My questions are:

  • Is there a charge for creating a Fly Machine?
    • Does this charge scale based on image size?
    • What is the charge for a machine that is created but never started?
  • Does the pricing model listed on the pricing page apply to machines in a “stopped” state? Or only to machines in a “started” state?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @rishabh

No, there’s no charge for creating a machine. The charges are only for the resources used by the machine (CPU, memory, bandwidth, etc).

No, the pricing listed does not apply to stopped machines, but volumes are separate to machines and so you will continue to pay for volumes even if the machine that uses it is stopped.

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If I understand correctly, even if the machine is stopped, and the volume is not attached, they would still have charged for the usage of the volume for the application code. But I’m not very sure and I don’t think it was clearly written in the price page.

Hey all

Thanks for the feedback on where we could be more clear about pricing/billing.

For Machines, @charsleysa is correct: As of today, you aren’t charged just for Machine creation, or for stopped Machines. We’ll take a look at updating the Machines info. The billing page does mention that Machines are billed for the time they’re running.

For volumes, @charsleysa and @smorimoto are both right. We’ve updated the pricing and billing docs to explicitly say that you’re charged for volumes, even if they’re not attached or if the attached Machine is stopped.

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Is my understanding correct that charges for a volume for application code which is not a mount volume should refer to the size of the deployed Docker image? For example, if you have a 1 GB Docker image deployed and the machine has been down for a month, it would cost $0.15/month.

(As always, this is subject to change) but as of today you aren’t charged for image registry storage or anything stored on the rootfs of the Machine (which is ephemeral).

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Really?! I misunderstood about that and obviously I think you all should be explicit about that as well. Really generous!

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